Muon Space raises $25 million Series A as demand to understand our changing planet grows

Muon Space Inc.
3 min readAug 9, 2022

On a mission to bring climate intelligence to every business, AI-focused Radical Ventures leads funding round in satellite platform aiming to power data-driven decisions in the era of climate change

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Today, Muon Space, a pioneering developer of satellite-based climate intelligence, announced its Series A financing led by AI-focused venture capital firm Radical Ventures. Founded by veteran technology and aerospace leaders, Muon Space is launching hundreds of scientific-grade sensors into space to help every business better understand and react to our changing planet.

“When it comes to understanding our changing world, space is the ultimate high ground,” said Rob Toews, Partner with Radical Ventures. “The world-class Muon Space team is catalyzing the fight against climate change by becoming the leading source of actionable planetary intelligence.”

Radical Ventures led the $25M USD Series A round which included participation from returning investors Costanoa Ventures, Congruent Ventures, Space Capital and Ubiquity Ventures. The funding will help the company deploy satellite constellations with a wide range of sensors to collect rich, multi-dimensional Earth data from space. Muon Space will also provide solutions enabled by the fusion of its diverse data sets.

“It has never been more essential to understand the impact of climate change on our planet. But, to gather planetary insights at scale requires going to space; and, frankly, space is hard,” said Muon Space’s Chief Scientist, Dan McCleese, who previously served as Chief Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and was a leader of the NASA Mars exploration program. “Muon Space brings Earth remote sensing capability to a broad array of organizations and institutions who lack the expertise and resources necessary to develop it themselves.”

Satellite data provides insights on everything from soil quality to pollution monitoring. For almost every business, gaining access to new, sophisticated data from space remains incredibly difficult. Embarking on missions to collect data from space requires deep satellite and remote sensing expertise to design, build, launch and operate. Turning those new data sets into useful insights requires yet more expertise. Through its turnkey Scientific Earth Observation services, Muon is helping organizations that do not have space competency develop and utilize space-based observations.

“The only way organizations can make meaningful decisions around how to respond to climate change and monitor the efficacy of those decisions is to have access to timely, high quality data,” said Muon Space CEO Jonny Dyer. Before co-founding Muon Space, Dyer was Principal Engineer at Google Geo and Chief Engineer at the satellite imaging company Skybox Imaging. “We work with customers from the ground up to get the data they need. Muon Space’s platform makes getting insights from space fast, reliable and low-friction.”

About Muon Space

A pioneering developer of satellite-based climate intelligence, Muon Space aims to revolutionize the measurement, characterization and prediction of Earth’s systems in order to power Climate action. With more than 30 transformational missions under our belts and more than a century of on-orbit mission experience, our team consists of some of the world’s foremost experts in the domains of Earth Remote sensing science, mission formulation, small satellite development, mission and data operations.

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